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We have dedicated crews to handle a wide variety of projects that are commonly requested for homes in and around Orange County.


Our specialist commercial stucco and dry wall contractors are experienced in projects of all shapes and sizes and we understand the complexities often involved.


We are responsive, provide accurate estimates, we arrive when we say we will and complete your job on time. Finally we leave your property clean and free of debris.

Rated Best Stucco Contractor in Orange County

A1 Drywall and Stucco Pros of Anaheim is a stucco contractor and drywall company in Anaheim, CA, for residential and commercial properties. Our services include stucco installation, repair, EIFS, re-stucco, and drywall installation and repair. Our service area includes all of Orange County, California. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind and protection.

We know that you have many choices when it comes to hiring a residential or commercial stucco contractor. Our understanding is reflected in the quality of the work we provide and our dedication to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. This is why our reviews and reputation are so important to us. We strive to earn your recommendation.

Orange County Stucco Contractors

We deliver stunning, durable wall finishes. Our specialized stucco services include:

Stucco Installation

Our crews evaluate your structure then select and install new stucco with precision, ensuring a beautiful finish for decades to come.

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Stucco Repair

We diagnose stucco cracks and damage, providing expert stucco repairs that invisibly blend for a flawless match.

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As certified EIFS installers, we equip buildings to resist moisture and maximize energy savings with complete outsulated stucco systems.

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We specialize in full restucco projects - removing failing stucco, addressing underlying issues, then installing fresh new long-lasting stucco.

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Commercial Stucco Contractors 

Commercial Stucco Installation

Our commercial stucco crews handle major stucco projects on large buildings with ease. We evaluate the structure, test substrates, develop mixing & pumping plans, then execute precise multi-layer stucco applications.

Commercial Stucco Repair

Let our specialists diagnose and treat stucco cracking, spalling or failures on commercial buildings of any size. We repair all issues to maintain structural integrity, water tightness and lasting visual appeal.

Commercial Restucco

We specialize in major restucco jobs for aging apartment complexes, hotels, retail centers and office buildings. Our process includes removal, substrate prep, protective coatings and new commercial-grade stucco systems.

Commercial EIFS

As EIFS Guild pros, we install complete outsulated stucco envelope systems on commercial buildings both small and towering. These specialized waterproof, energy efficient exterior skins withstand heavy use.

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Drywall Contractors

As full-service Orange County drywall contractors, installation and finishing experts equipped to handle residential remodels and major commercial projects alike, our professional crews deliver impeccable fit and finish every time. Count on us for:

Drywall Installation (residential)

We handle full drywall installation projects with speed and precision, from measuring and mounting panels to taping joints for a smooth seamless wall surface ready for finishes.

Commercial Drywall Installation

On major commercial projects, our teams mount multiple layers of fire-rated drywall throughout buildings up to 20 stories tall in accordance with plans.

Drywall Repairs

From small holes and cracks to large patched sections, our crews expertly diagnose and repair all drywall damage to restore flawless condition.

Commercial Drywall Repair

Our specialists can efficiently repair any drywall damage in commercial spaces without disruption - dents, water leaks, removed signs or fixtures, you name it.

Texturing & Finishing

We offer professional drywall finishing services including all popular texture styles - smooth walls, light orange peel, splatter textures, hand-applied Venetian plaster and more to specifications.

Quality Guaranteed

The reasons why 84% of customers choose A1 Drywall & Stucco Pros of Anaheim

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Our field teams hold all required state contracting licenses. We maintain up to date credentials for your protection.


We back projects with bonding for your financial security and assurance of project completion.


We carry robust liability and workers compensation policies so you can hire us with confidence.

Expanded Services

While best known for our interior drywall finishing and exterior stucco services, A1 Dry Wall & Stucco Pros delivers a wider array of complementary building envelope solutions. Contact us for:

Scaffolding & Equipment Rentals: We offer commercial scaffolding rental, setup and dismantling for difficult multistory access along with lifts and platforms to improve job site safety and productivity.

Waterproofing Applications: Our technicians apply effective waterproof membranes and vapor barriers behind stucco, stone, siding and other finishes to resist moisture intrusion.

Structural Framing: From light gauge metal stud builds to wood framing, our crews handle interior and exterior structural systems sized and secured to specifications.

Masonry: We construct structural CMU block walls and partition walls along with adhered manufactured stone veneers, natural stone and brick finishes.

Retaining Walls: Let our teams correctly grade areas and install structural retaining walls using site appropriate concrete masonry, blocks, stone or timber.

Stacked Stone Finishes: Our artisans create stunning precision stacked stone accents on home interiors/exteriors using your choice of materials from marble to quartzite.

Concrete: Looking to install patterned, stained, polished, stamped or integrally colored concrete flatwork? Our concrete crews can make it happen.

Specialist Services

Whether you're dreaming of adding a guest cottage or building a custom home from the ground up, we can help you achieve your ideal living space. We specialize in architectural designs, construction plans, and ADU building services to maximize your property's potential with thoughtfully designed spaces tailored to your lifestyle. Our team brings decades combined experience designing and realizing beautiful yet practical residential plans of all kinds. Get in touch for a free consultation.

ADU Construction: Looking to add a guest house or backyard cottage? We are Accessory Dwelling Unit construction experts, specializing in designing and building affordable, efficient accessory dwelling units to maximize your property's potential.

Architectural Plans: Bring your vision to life with our detailed and precise architectural plans. We specialize in residential and commercial building designs tailored to your unique needs.

Trust A1 Drywall & Stucco Pros of Anaheim

Don't live with damaged walls or fading exterior finishes - life is too short! Our crews are standing by ready to restore beauty and structural integrity to your property's surfaces. We make the process smooth from estimate to completion. Rediscover the joy of perfect interior living spaces and renewed curb appeal! Call A1 Dry Wall & Stucco Pros now at (657) 216-7667 or contact us online to discuss your drywall installation, repair, texturing, stucco repair, exterior coating or full restucco needs. Our Orange County stucco contractors and drywallers  await the opportunity to gain your trust and exceed your expectations.

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